Project Overview

Deluxe Backgammon Bespoke

Colours / The Table

-Not everyone loves orange as much as we do-

Because we understand everyone is different you can choose your favourite colours from the DuPontCorian® range for your Deluxe Backgammon Table as standard. Contact us and we will send you a chart with the colour options. We are also available for appointments, dependant on your location, where we can show you solid samples.

We also offer a full Bespoke Service.

If you do not see the colour you want let us know and we will provide you with a solution. We also offer material options for the gaming triangles and cups/counters  such as woods and metals.

We also understand that not everyones favourite gaming drink is Champagne. We can also customise the Flute holders to take your favourite drinking glass of choice.

The Deluxe backgamon Table can also be adapted to work with existing fittings on your Yacht or Jet.

Anything is possible, if you want it The Orange Line will aim to provide it. Let us know your desires and we will work out how to fulfil them.